Common Questions

What is Club Feast?

Club Feast delivers meals from your favorite restaurants at unbeatable prices.  We are committed to making food delivery more affordable, convenient, and more environmentally friendly.

Do I have to pay to be a member?

No! It is completely free to sign up for Club Feast.

When do you deliver?

We deliver every single day of the week.  You can choose from a variety of 45-minute delivery windows between 11:45 am and 2:00 pm for lunch and 5:45 pm to 8:00 pm for dinner.

When is the latest time I can place an order?

For lunch you have until 12 am the night before to place your orders.  For dinner, you have until 2:30 PM day of delivery to place your orders.  You can also schedule your orders up to 7 days in advance.

Can I choose different dishes?

Of course!  You have the freedom to choose any dish from a wide variety of restaurant options that Club Feast offers.  Even once you’ve placed your order, you can still select different dishes within the same order as long as the dishes are from the same restaurant.  By doing this, we are able to keep costs low for you as well as optimizing our delivery routes to get your dish to you as quickly and with as little environmental impact as possible.

Are Club Feast's dish cards a comprehensive ingredient list for the dishes?  What should I do if I have food allergies?

No. We try to highlight dietary restrictions and allergens as our restaurant partners provide these details; however, our dish descriptions are not a full ingredient list.  If in doubt, please contact the restaurant directly, especially if you are unsure and trying to avoid your allergens.

Where do you source your meals?

The quality of our meals is incredibly important to us, so we work directly with local restaurants to provide the best lunch and dinner options at an accessible price. This allows us to support the local restaurant community while simultaneously providing our customers with a variety of delicious, high quality options!

Can I skip my delivery for a particular week?

Definitely!  Any remaining meal credits that you have at the end of the week roll over to future weeks, allowing you to use our services whenever is most convenient for you!  Credits never expire.

Where can I see my credits and billing?

Everything pertaining to your account can easily be found in the “Meal Plan”.

I selected meal credits when I signed up, but now, I want to upgrade.  When will the upgrade take effect?

Changes in meal credits take place in the next billing cycle. You are billed weekly, so you will get more meals added in no more than 7 days. Please email us at if you would like your new plan to start immediately.

How do fees work at Club Feast?

When you place an order on Club Feast, the fees you pay help us cover delivery costs, operate the Club Feast platform, and provide you the highest-quality service and meals possible.

On the checkout screen, you can see the breakdown of the fees that could be associated with your order. Additionally, you will receive a receipt showing the breakdown of the order subtotal, applicable taxes, fees, and optional gratuity. Note, our delivery fee is per delivery and so will be dependent upon the number of deliveries you schedule. These delivery fees will be applied to your next week billing.

Orders delivered with Club Feast may include the following fees:

Service Fee: Service fees equal 18.0% of your order subtotal.

A variable delivery fee of $0.49 - $2.99 will be added per delivery. The exact amount will be disclosed before you place each order and depends on the overall demand for the selected delivery time window

How does Club Feast differ from other delivery platforms with meal ordering and delivery?

With our commitment to making food delivery more affordable, convenient, and more environmentally friendly for each and every customer, we have been able to separate ourselves from other platforms.  Our unique pre-order and prepay system, allows us to keep costs low and optimize delivery routes more effectively, meaning less time waiting for food and more time enjoying your meal!

Do you take a cut of the restaurant’s earnings?

We support our restaurants by helping them thrive - they keep 100% of the price of meals and can continue to grow with us and serve up delicious food.

Where do you deliver?

We are currently offering delivery services in San Francisco, South Bay, East Bay, and New York City.  We are expanding rapidly and are hoping to be in your area soon!  Please click *here* if you would like to be added to our mailing list and we’ll reach out to let you know when we are available in your city!

How do I cancel?

We’re sorry to see you leave! You can cancel in app under "Meal Plan"