Driver Frequently Asked Questions

How does Branch App work?

Branch is a digital wallet that will help you see and withdraw money from all routes done with us at Club Feast. For you to receive payment follow the steps below:

  1. Download Branch App To Your Phone
    1. Apple or Google Play Store
  2. Sign up
    1. Enter Club Feast as the employer
    2. Location passcode - “feast”
  3. Verify Personal Information
    1. Finalize account setup by verifying info
    2. Once verified, “wallet” portion is complete
    3. All payments will be shown in Branch wallet


Why can’t I see my payment on Branch App?

Please make sure all of these requirements are filled before contacting Club Feast for any further questions on receiving payment:

  1. Payments will arrive in your Branch account between 1-2 business days after each route that you complete *
  2. Payments will be in “pending” status until Branch account and Wallet signup are fully completed
  3. If you have any Additional questions please contact or branch support

*For Friday routes payment may be longer or available until Monday of the following week

What actions are needed in order to pay you accordingly

ALWAYS have your live tracking function (setting “Always”) enabled in your route so we can calculate delays more efficiently Use your app, mark arrival and end route with proper pictures.


I want to be considered for a route, what should I do?

After scheduling on the app, you must follow the confirmation process with THREE stages:

Your dispatcher will confirm with you via text:

  1. The day before your route
  2. The morning of your route
  3. An hour and a half before your route (Final confirmation)

Confirming earlier will make you more likely to be considered for a route. Those who do not confirm or take a long time to confirm will either be considered for a backup route or put on the waitlist. Those who confirm and then do not arrive to the route will be reviewed on reliability


I need to cancel my route, how can I cancel?

If you know you won't be able to complete a route please let your dispatcher know as soon as possible. Canceling on the same day of the route will affect your reliability score therefore affecting the orders and clients that you get assigned.


I have been assigned a route but cannot see it on my app, will I get a route?

You will be able to see your route in your app the previous day after 4:00 PM

  • If you cannot see your route please let your dispatcher know.
  • Only once you have confirmed your route with the dispatcher will you be able to view the route within the app


How do backups work?

If your dispatcher puts you down for a backup and you accept you might do each of the following things:

  1. You could deliver orders
  2. You could take over another driver’s full route
  3. You could not deliver at all and wait

In all these cases don’t worry, you will be paid the FULL AMOUNT of time you are a backup, even if you are waiting.


What materials will I receive?

After achieving a high reliability score with us you are qualified to receive Club Feast Hot bags and carts to make your deliveries easier. Please ask your dispatcher where you can pick up your Club Feast Polo shirt.


Is there any dress code?

Please ask your dispatcher for the address where you can pick up your Club Feast Polo Shirt which you must wear for all your deliveries.

Brand Ambassadors must have Long Black Pants, Closed toed shoes, a White or Black button down shirt (no prints) and their Club Feast Polo.


What are benefits of Referring a driver or Brand Ambassador?

  1. After the referred person completes 3 Successful routes with Club Feast you will receive a $50 bonus


How does referring work?

  1. Send us the Name and Phone Number of the Referral (they can reach out to us directly as well and mention its on your behalf)
  2. The person referred cannot be already signed up with Club Feast
  3. We will register them as your referral
  4. If they complete the 3 routes you will receive a Bonus


I’ve got all of that, what’s next?

You are ready to deliver with Club Feast. For any further questions, text us.
Remember that to earn the maximum pay per order, you must meet all the requirements asked by your dispatcher.